OCCUPATION: Rams cheerleader

Researched by ANNE MICHAUD

Name: Amy Lowenberg

Employer: Los Angeles Rams Football Co. Inc.

Thumbs up: “I like being at games in front of the crowd. Cheering to thousands and thousands of people is a feeling that’s indescribable; it’s the greatest high. I like the other girls I’ve met and work with. I’ve established some really good friendships.”

Thumbs down: “It would be great if the girls had the opportunity to travel with the team and see some of the games in other states.”


Next step: In general, cheerleading can lead to a position as a squad director or other behind-the-scenes jobs in the entertainment field. Lowenberg plans to go into film or broadcasting.

Salary range: $400 to $500 a month, depending on how many promotional appearances the cheerleaders can work into their schedules. They also receive $40 for performing at each game.

Fringe benefits: Sponsoring companies give the cheerleaders hair products, cosmetics and clothes. They travel each year to Europe or Japan for an exhibition game. They meet sports and movie celebrities through the Rams organization.

Hours: Three-hour practices on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Members of the 31-member squad also get together on their own time to rehearse. They spend about eight hours a week attending promotional events, for which they are paid. They must also donate their time to sign autographs for at least five charitable events a year.


Educational and training requirements: Cheerleaders are chosen based on three criteria: appearance, dance skills and the ability to express themselves well when speaking with the public, said Nancy Haskell, Rams entertainment director. Cheerleading, dance and modeling experience is useful. Rams cheerleaders must try out each spring and can hold the job for only three years. There are no height or weight restrictions, but hopefuls are told they should have a “California athletic look,” she said.

Size of work force: 31. In April, nearly 400 women tried out for the 31 spots for the 1991-92 season squad.

Job description: Cheerleaders attend home football games and perform at least nine dance routines during time-outs. They follow the game action, perform related cheers and try to get the crowd to cheer along. They attend promotional events in uniform, sign autographs and talk with fans.

For more information: Call the entertainment department at the Rams’ office, 535-RAMS.