Bellflower : School Gets State Funds to Begin Soundproofing Work

Workers will begin soundproofing classrooms this week at St. Bernard Parish School, where noise from the nearby Artesia Freeway has disrupted classes, given students headaches and made it nearly impossible for teachers to instruct.

"After 1 p.m., when those prevailing winds rise from the south, they drive the noise right into the classrooms. It's just horrible," said parent Melissa Mosley, who has led the campaign to get soundproofing and a freeway sound wall to muffle the traffic noise.

Last week, Caltrans gave the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which operates the Catholic school, $237,000 to pay for soundproofing. Parents, teachers and school administrators have tried for years to get Caltrans to build a sound wall beside the freeway, but Caltrans will only pay for soundproofing to reduce noise in schools.

Dan Rosa, president of CRC Construction Inc., the Santa Fe Springs company that is installing the soundproofing materials, said all of the classrooms will be reinsulated. Ceilings will be lowered and insulated, and plastic and glass panels in front of the classrooms will be replaced, he said. The classrooms also will be air-conditioned.

The work is expected to be completed in four months.

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