BUENA PARK : Loose Beer Wagon Crashes, Cuts Power

A runaway beer trailer, detached from a truck, jumped a curb Wednesday morning, sheared off the base of a utility pole and temporarily knocked out power to about 950 Southern California Edison customers, including the Police Department's dispatch and emergency phone lines, police said.

Buena Park police lost their lines for only about 30 seconds about 8:30 a.m. before the backup power system kicked in, said Sgt. Terry Branum, who added that he thinks that police missed no emergency calls.

Edison restored power after about a six-minute outage. Utility workers removed the transformer from the damaged pole, on Commonwealth Avenue, west of Indiana Avenue, and attached it to a replacement pole, said Steve Sullivan, an Edison regional manager.

Sullivan said a wider outage was avoided because the sheared pole hung in the air, with no lines snapped.

Branum said the trailer became detached when the truck hit a bump and the trailer hitch popped out.

The empty trailer had negligible damage, and no injuries were reported.

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