U.S. Relations With Israel

In response to "Bush Prevailing in Battle With Israeli Lobby" (front page, Sept. 30): I agree with the strident Jewish activist (so identified in the article) that President Bush "can be a mean s.o.b." Ask blacks, women and other groups who've felt the lash (back) of his actions, not only words.

However, nowhere did I find in any of the other quotes from Jewish representatives any criticism of the Israeli government and its supporters who have time and time again expressed contempt for the Administration and arrogantly boasted about having Congress on its payroll. You don't have to like Bush to resent a "client state" who could not have survived without American taxpayer dollars for 40-plus years behaving with such chutzpah.

Most Americans do not support Israel's settlement policy and see it as an obstacle to peace; and most Americans, I firmly believe, do not support the actions and beliefs of the right-wing groups in the Israeli government who want to deport the Arabs who have lived there for centuries to provide for recent religious emigres.


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