Battle Over School Funds

Proposition K is misleading as well as unfair. The goals will not be met in one year, or in four years.

The ballot states “the $150 tax will be used to reduce class size.” The truth is that the school district plans to lower pupil-teacher ratios by adding an adult to overcrowded elementary school classrooms. They have no additional rooms to accommodate smaller classes.

The full ballot Resolution 3930 gives the school district a legal loophole to change its funding priorities. You may never see these “proposals” implemented.

This parcel tax penalizes the homeowner. It is unfair that a single family homeowner will pay the same $150 tax that a multi-lot owner or developer with hundreds of acres will pay. Apartment dwellers and renters with children will not pay the $150 tax.


Parents of students enrolled in Las Virgenes schools who live in other areas will pay no tax. All senior citizens will be exempt, including those who can easily afford the additional tax.

Why should the small landowner with or without children be paying for everyone else?

I have always supported the Las Virgenes Unified School District through many volunteer hours and activities, but unfortunately I cannot support Proposition K because of its deceptive and misleading proposals and its inequitable method of taxation.



Las Virgenes