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Entertaining at home has its advantages, especially when it comes to the wardrobe. With no worries about restaurant dress codes, the weather or what people at the next table might think, fashion fantasies can be exotically indulged. When Michael Roberts, (above, at left) chef and co-owner of Trumps, plays host, his guests are inspired to be as adventurous in their dress as he is with his menus. Here, a traditional Mexican dance costume, a chiapas , is combined with the freshness of a catsuit. A vintage Chinese jacket tops sweater-knit capris. And a new kimono adds a casual note. Men can be equally free-spirited. Colorfully printed silk shirts chosen for their elegance rather than their whimsy, beautifully patterned sweaters and bold jackets with special detailing underscore the sense of exuberant fun among friends.

hair: Cemal/ Cloutier; makeup: Antonella Renyer/ Cloutier; models: Mike Middleton/OMAR'S MEN, Piera/IT Models, Audrey Klebahn/ Elite, actor Steve Levitt

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