DECORATING ADVICE : Wood Stove Makes a Hot Focal Point

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Question: We are moving into a new house that has a corner wood stove/fireplace in the combination living room/dining room. Both of the walls extending out from the corner have large windows (4 by 8 feet). The short wall ends at the front door, and the long wall extends through the dining area. We have two couches (7 by 5 feet) and an entertainment center (5 by 6 feet) that I do not know how to arrange. We also have a large reclining chair, two small end tables and a long sofa table (5 feet). How can I arrange around the corner fireplaces and the two large windows?

Doris Ringbloom

Answer: Your wood stove/fireplace is the focal point of your living room. Place your two sofas at right angles to one another, facing the fireplace. Then place a square-cornered end table between the sofas. A large round coffee table would add a nice note. Your long table can be used as a backup piece to your 7-foot sofa, and the club chair can be placed at an angle close to your fireplace, accompanied by one of your two small end tables. The entertainment center should be placed on an opposite wall. You cannot have your entertainment center directly facing your sofa groupings, which is a problem if you like to watch television. Use a pair of floating club chairs and ottomans with your second end table for viewing times.