High Cost of Health Care

According to a study released by the Families USA Foundation, total health spending by American families rose from $155.5 billion in 1980 to $456.1 billion in 1991 and is expected to rise to almost $1.1 trillion in 2000, a nearly sixfold increase in two decades. The study found that families are paying a greater proportion of income for health care costs, up to $1 out of every $8.50 today, compared to $1 of every $11 in 1980. Families in the Northeast pay the highest average dollar amount in health care expenditures. California ranks 13th, with average health care costs per family of $4,433. Below are the 10 states with the highest and lowest expenditures:

New York: $5,585 Connecticut: $5,421 Massachusetts: $5,321 Rhode Island: $4,914 New Jersey: $4,863 New Mexico: $3,297 Kentucky: $3,206 Montana: $3,154 Mississippi: $3,009 Idaho: $3,005

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