Moo-hoo! We're ba-aack!

As advertising symbols, cows, like the mild-eyed, square-butted one placidly dominating the sign at the Rockview Drive In Dairy in Alhambra, are back in fashion after being put out to pasture decades ago. (Maybe there's still a dusty model at the Rockview in Montebello, stored up there over the ice, under the eaves of the silo.)

And, speaking of coming back, the cow wreathed with accessories really did. At Bob's Dairy in Monrovia, Erevan Mouradiani, who sometimes helps out there, was leaning on the official cow the other day and talking about how thieves stole her a few years ago--and then returned her.

Dear Dairy, (she could have been meaning to write "Dear Diary"; cows are not the greatest spellers) it was udderly bizarre. All of a sudden I was in this fraternity. We were crowded in like cattle. I could hardly mooooove. But they finally trotted me back to the truck and brought me home again. I've been ruminating about the whole experience ever since.

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