Muslim World in Europe

Johnson should have named his article "The Temple of Doom" and signed it off as "the last Crusader." Can such simplistic and insulting characterization of a major religion (Islam) with a billion followers really take place in this day and age?

I am talking about "pitting one group to the next" with a rather irresponsible characterization. Johnson would have you believe that the Muslims are the root of all ills today. They have "aggressive attitudes" and create a "4,000-mile belt of tension." He goes even further to say that Muslim-dominated states of Soviet Asia (he is trying to say Turkic peoples of Asia) are expelling Russian Christians.

I asked Prof. Adil Akhmedov, representative of Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, in the United States, if there was any element of truth in it. He responded that 38% of the population of Kazakhstan are "implanted Russians" and they voted for Nursultan Nazarbayev in the last election with an overwhelming majority (98% of the votes). Now who is expelling whom?

The irony here is that, in my opinion, Kazakhs have all the rights to expel those Russians who are there as part of the communist strategy to "populate enslaved nations."


Newport Beach

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