'92 Race for the Presidency

To confront these difficult times, why not try electing a President eager to get along with Congress instead of one who prevails by veto? As Ross K. Baker suggests (Commentary, Dec. 17), however, the Democrats first of all need a candidate who can effectively express our cumulative indignation over the sorry mess brought on by years of ineffective and mendacious government.

Let that candidate focus on the sheer hypocrisy of the Reagan-Bush years, especially the supply-side (read voodoo) economics that have pauperized us at home and abroad; the borrow-and-squander follies that purported to save us from the despised liberals' tax-and-spend mania; the creed of greed that has given us record numbers of super-rich and super-poor, and the anti-abortion stance of two men who for years had been pro-choice.

Above all, now that the applause for Desert Storm has subsided and President Bush's popularity has dropped dramatically, voters need to be made aware that his ability to govern has been severely undermined by his lack of principles and credibility.


Long Beach

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