Pierce Farm Classes Praised

The letter Dec. 18 by M. Stephen Sheldon is not well informed about programs offered at Pierce College. I am in the second year of the Animal Health Technology program at Pierce College and have nothing but good things to say about the program.

Where did he get his information that graduates of the A.H.T. program can get only "dead-end jobs that pay minimum wage." Even though I am still in the second year of the program, I am currently employed by a veterinarian at almost $9 an hour.

The demand for animal health skills is unbelievable. Technicians are trained to do many things. There are openings in the research fields, city, state and county jobs and managerial positions. The list goes on and on.

The school is right in not cutting agricultural classes. Pierce College was supposed to be an agricultural college. There are many schools in the area that offer academic classes other than Pierce.

It is because of attitudes like Sheldon's that the dairy and the chickens are no longer at Pierce, and the rest of the agriculture department is slowly being phased out.

I am glad that Pierce has the A.H.T. program and the agriculture department. Where else can people who love animals go to get the schooling and training they need in order to get into an occupation dealing with animals? The closest is Mt. San Antonio College by Pomona, a long drive every day for someone who lives in the Valley.



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