PASADENA : Driver, Good Samaritan Beaten After Car Crash

The driver of a car that crashed into a dry-cleaning store and a passerby who came to his aid were attacked and beaten by a group of angry witnesses in Pasadena, police said.

The driver, Marcial Lopez, 36, hit two parked cars on Pasadena streets before crashing into New Era Cleaners on Orange Grove Boulevard just after 8 p.m. Thursday, said Pasadena Police Lt. Kevin White.

A passerby tried to help Lopez after the crash. Witnesses to the earlier hit-and-run collisions followed the driver, but they mistook the Good Samaritan for a passenger in the Lopez car. "They set upon both the driver and the man and beat them," White said.

The injured men were taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment, said a dispatcher with the Verdugo Dispatch center. Four people were held for questioning in connection with the beatings, the lieutenant said.

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