Swiss Had Holes

On Feb. 2 you published "Less is More at Swiss Ski Village," a piece by Beverly Beyer and Ed Rabey purported to be about Klosters, Switzerland. I have spent some of the most luminous and tender times of my life in Klosters and yet I felt I was reading a piece about an imaginary town in a made-up country.

The Hotel Chesa Grischuna, arguably the best-known and one of the most unique inns in central Europe, was not mentioned at all. To ignore the Chesa is like writing about Hemingway without mentioning Paris.

Nor should the legendary Wynegg be ignored. The Wynegg (also not mentioned) is a favorite of Prince Charles (who is mentioned) and Princess Di. In fact, the authors of this incomplete "reportage" would be wise to talk to the Diva-like Ruth Guler, proprietor of the Wynegg and the most valued friend Princes Charles and his Princess have in Switzerland.


East Chatham, N.Y.

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