PLATFORM : A Right to Education

<i> LIBBY THOMPSON, a student at Cal State Long Beach, commented on Gov. Pete Wilson's statement that California State University students don't really understand the need for fee increases. She told The Times:</i>

Despite what Gov. Wilson might think, the students in the CSU system do understand about the proposed 40% increase. We understand that as a result of a 20% fee increase last year, the CSU system for the first time since 1982 decreased in enrollment by approximately 6,949 students.

With a 40% fee increase on top of that, all within a two-year span, the governor is succeeding in making state-funded higher education an elitist institution.

The students of California are not asking for a free ride, only for a fair shake. We understand that within our economy there will always be a need to increase revenues in a timely manner, but these increases can in no way be perceived as timely, or predictable enough for a family to plan for.

The students of California who wish to contribute to the growth and success of this state through a formal education believe that education at any level is a right and not a privilege. We will continue to work to ensure that it remains a right and nothing less.