U.S. Election Process

These presidential elections are frightening. I cannot believe that a system we all take such pride in has been reduced to such a level. The mudslinging and finger-pointing among the candidates is teaching me just how sly and deceitful our presidential hopefuls are. These are not exactly the qualities I look for at election time. George Bush's campaign paved this road for negative campaigning in 1988 as he tore Michael Dukakis to spiteful little pieces. Now it has become the norm.

We are getting so lost in who did what dirty little thing that we are losing sight of what these candidates have to offer. If it continues I will do everything in my power to prevent election of any of them. It is our job to admit to office only those worthy and prepared to represent us; it does not appear that these gentlemen are ready.

ROB GREENE, Claremont

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