Politicians to Blame

Some of the headlines in the paper over the last few weeks make me wonder if Ventura County is indeed enjoying an era of political stability or are we really in an era of political stagnation?

First, what is the health of the business climate in Ventura County? We can all answer that one. Terrible!

How about the water issue? We're six years into a drought and we still don't have realistic plans to supply people with enough water.

How about crime? I seem to remember our elected officials saying only four or five years ago that there was no gang problem in Ventura County. Can anyone doubt that we have a growing, largely unchecked, gang problem now?

How about trash? Education? And, after all of the studies and promises, where is our affordable housing? How long before the majority of our young people--our most precious asset--give up on our politicians' promises and leave for greener pastures?

Three of our five supervisors have been in office for 12 years, and in those 12 years, the problems discussed above seem to have gotten worse, not better. I feel these people, who are running for fourth terms, no longer have the fire and energy necessary to solve the pressing problems of our county.


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