Manolis Andronikos; Archeologist Found King Philip's Tomb

Manolis Andronikos, 72, the archeologist who discovered the tomb of King Philip of Macedon. In 1978, after 20 years of excavation, he discovered several tombs at Vergina in northern Greece. One of them was the treasure-laden crypt of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The two 4th-Century BC warrior kings united Greece, and Alexander carried his conquests through the Middle East and deep into Asia. Andronikos' finds supported his claim that Vergina was the site of the ancient capital of the Macedonian Greeks. Born in Turkey, Andronikos was brought to Salonica in northern Greece by his parents at age 3. He studied archeology in Salonica and at Oxford's Trinity College, where he became a professor in 1961. He later was appointed professor emeritus at both universities. In Salonica on Monday of cancer.

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