Clinton Defends Brown, Dismisses Drug-Parties Story

From a Times staff writer

Bill Clinton on Sunday defended Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr. against anonymous allegations that cocaine and marijuana were used at parties at Brown’s Laurel Canyon home while Brown was governor of California.

“I don’t consider people without a face or a name to be corroborating sources. And I just hope we can run this election on tomorrow’s issues and tomorrow’s problems,” the Arkansas governor said. It was Clinton’s first public comment on the ABC News report, which Brown and his associates have vehemently denied.

“I have felt for Jerry Brown in the last few days,” Clinton added.

Clinton said his voice, which he has been resting on doctor’s orders, was “a little bit” better. He added: “I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow and see if I can leave tomorrow night (Monday)” for Pennsylvania, which has its Democratic presidential primary on April 28.


“I hope when I go back we can really run this campaign on the issues and the problems of the people of this country,” he said.