They Have No Trouble Condemning Scott for Opinions on Riot

I want to thank Mark Heisler (May 2) for pointing out how insensitive I, and we, have been with the pursuit of the trivial in life. I am personally ready to accept my share of the responsibility for causing the riots. He was successful in making me feel guilty that I had gone to the Laker-Portland playoff game. What made me feel even worse was that fact that I had the complete disregard for society by going to the movies several times in the last few months, as well as going to Disneyland with my children. What audacity and insensitivity! What about that bike I like to ride? Should I give that up, also?

My biggest problem is if we all agree to stop spending money on frivolous enjoyments such as sports, movies, theme parks, travel, etc., what becomes of the people employed in those industries? I guess I haven't thought the economics of the subject out, but I'm sure Mark has the answers.


Palos Verdes Estates

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