The race course is 20.03 nautical miles.

A challenger has won the last two multi-national America's Cups (as against the two-race catamaran quickie in 1988).

No red boat (Il Moro di Venezia) has won the America's Cup.

No European or non-English-speaking boat has won the America's Cup.

No American skipper other than Dennis Conner has lost the America's Cup.

No helmsman has won an Olympic gold medal and an America's Cup--not to mention a prestigious Star class world championship. America 3's Buddy Melges has two of the three.

Nobody from Wichita, Kan. (Bill Koch) or Zenda, Wis. (Buddy Melges) has won an America's Cup.

Il Moro's Paul Cayard would not be the first skipper to win the Cup sailing for another country. There have been several previous "hired guns."

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