The M-Word Revisited

Free the arts! I am just plain tired of all the politically correct demands being placed on the arts.

The arts are a poor tool for creating political change. First of all, a very small portion of the population has any meaningful contact with art. Second, the real challenge is a political challenge, and it must be faced politically. Understandably, many people have lost faith in our political institutions, but these institutions still have the best chance of providing the changes we need.

In the article, Tomas Benitez says: "For me, there is no such thing as art for art's sake. We're now talking about art with a purpose." Do not tell the artist what to express, especially if deep honesty is what you are after.

If a Latino artist, frustrated with the class chasm in this country, chooses to make political art, fine. But do not demand that art serve only one master--your master. The idea that art must be politics' handmaiden is a hallmark of the repressive totalitarian state. Art must be free.


Director, DanceArt Inc.


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