ELECTIONS / 4OTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT : Friedman Has Large Lead in Fund Raising : Assemblywoman is considered the overwhelming Democratic favorite. Three Republicans, three minor-party candidates are also running.


Assemblywoman Barbara Friedman continues to raise and spend far more money than all of the other candidates in the 40th District Assembly race combined, receiving more than $65,000 in contributions in the past two months, financial statements show.

A former Los Angeles deputy city controller, Friedman has been in office only since July but is considered the overwhelming favorite in the Democratic stronghold.

According to financial statements filed Thursday, she raised $172,502 and spent $103,150 by May 16, when the most recent two-month financial reporting period ended.

Horace H. Heidt, a Sherman Oaks Republican, raised $3,804 in the past two months and lent his campaign another $8,750, campaign reports show. Heidt, 45, owns apartment houses and leads the Los Angeles Raiders band. He has spent $9,105 and listed campaign debts of $10,614, his statements show.

Friedman (D-Los Angeles) faces three fellow Democrats in the June 2 primary. Three Republicans and three minor-party representatives are candidates.

Friedman, 42, raised nearly $500,000 last year to narrowly win election to a 15-month term representing the 46th District, which in December will be wiped out by the redrawing of district boundaries. The 40th District stretches west from Studio City through North Hollywood and Van Nuys to a portion of Woodland Hills.

Jon Robert Lorenzen, 36, a Republican from Reseda, has raised $2,475, all within the past two months. He has borrowed $2,500 from his family's mortuary business, spent more than $15,000 and lists outstanding campaign debts of $14,262.67, his reports show.

Attorney Joel Bernard Kelman, 51, a North Hollywood Democrat, has raised only $155, and loaned his campaign $11,000. Kelman is a friend of former Assemblyman Tom Bane (D-Tarzana), who will retire at the end of this year after representing the 40th District since 1974.

Democratic candidates Jim Aldrich, 46, and Dan Coen, 23, didn't have to file campaign reports because they both pledged to raise and spend less than $1,000 during the entire race, as did Green Party candidate Glenn Bailey.

Republican Brian Perry said he has raised about $1,000, and Libertarian John Vernon said he has raised and spent virtually no money. Financial statements for Peace and Freedom candidate Jean K. Glasser of Van Nuys were not available.

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