Remodeling Additions

(“Mixing Do-It-Yourself With Help By Pros”)"Remodeler’s Diary” (May 17) unfortunately failed to discuss five things essential for the financial and physical well-being of owners who are remodeling their properties.

1--Every professional working on the job should be state licensed for the work they do. If they are not, the Contractor’s State License Board may not be able to assist you with a complaint. Of course, you can always sue.

2--Every contractor should have an established place of business. If they do not and, as too frequently happens, they disappear with your money leaving work unfinished or badly done, the license board and the courts may not be able to find them.

3--All contractors should have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If they do not and they cause damage to your property, accidentally hurt a third party or they or their employees are hurt, you or your insurance company will be liable.


4--All work to be done and all changes should be described in great detail in a contract and change orders.

5--All required building and safety permits and inspections should be obtained. If they are not, and work is not done safely, you may not be aware of it. The result could be serious injury or even death, for example, from underground electrical outlets or an improperly vented gas water heater. When you sell a house you are required to disclose if remodeling work was done with permits. If it was not and you lie, the buyer could cancel or sue.

MICHAEL SCHUTZ, Kitchen and Bath Designer