All Booked to Get Hooked


Anjelica Huston’s marriage last weekend to sculptor Robert Graham brought a plethora of celebs to the Hotel Bel-Air, including Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, literary agent Irving Lazar and Lauren Bacall.

And while it was an ogle-fest for the Bel-Air’s guests who peered in on the ceremony, it was business as usual for the hotel.

“We are booked solid for weddings, absolutely booked solid,” said vice president and general manager Frank Bowling.

“We usually do four a weekend, a lunchtime one and one in the evening. I don’t want it to sound like a factory, it’s all done very nicely, there’s good organization. Usually the ceremony is done by the swan lake, and then there are cocktails on the lawn and dinner inside. It all works out pretty well.”


Just how far in advance do people book the hotel?

“For May and June, sometimes two years in advance,” said Bowling.

“But I think maybe some gals book the space and then look for a husband.”



What you need to maneuver the L.A. scene: On the coattails of fashionably chic avoidance of flaunting one’s wealth comes another intriguing social trend: flaunting one’s personal inadequacies.

One motorist sputtering down Wilshire Boulevard in his beat-up Toyota taped a written cardboard confession that covered the length of his rear windshield: “Sorry New Driver.”

And at the recent IKEA store openings around town, extra hires proudly wear yellow T-shirts emblazoned front and back with: “Temporary Employee/Please don’t ask me any difficult questions.”