Oliver North, Ice-T and the U.S. Constitution

It is laughable that Oliver North, as president of an organization called Freedom Alliance, seeks to bring criminal proceedings against Time Warner Inc. over Ice-T's "Cop Killer" song, "North Steamed at Ice-T" (July 2).

When North was commissioned as an officer of the U.S. Marines he swore to defend the very Constitution that protects the free speech of Ice-T, Time Warner and "Cop Killer's" critics.

Like North I am a former Marine officer who believes in law and order. Like Ice-T, I am a black male in his 30s who knows that in reality not all cops represent law and order.

North said: "Every day the police risk their lives for us." Having been held at police gunpoint and pulled over countless times for bogus reasons, I am not part of the "us" of which North speaks, and I find "Cop Killer's" lyrics (read them, critics) a refreshing release.

The song is a blunt excoriation of police harassment and brutality.

Oliver North needs to reread the definition of sedition, review the Bill of Rights, listen to the true message of "Cop Killer" then shelve his crusade against Time Warner.


Rancho Santa Margarita

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