Big Top

"Big Top's a Flop with Kids? (July 17)" Hardly! This screaming headline--and the article below it--were unwarranted conjecture!

If you really want a legitimate review of Ringling Brothers Circus, try asking someone who has young children, or asking a child.

Circus reviewer John Godfrey obviously doesn't like clowns and couldn't possibly have any children. My sister, my neighbor and I all took a group of 11 youngsters to the show, and each and every one loved it.

Godfrey did hit the nail on the head, however, when he stated sarcastically "it's the same old thing, folks, the same old tried and true formula that has made Ringling Brothers a part of Americana for nearly a century." What he's failed to realize is that's precisely the reason both adults and kids love the circus and go to see it year after year. The circus is what it is, so why try to analyze it? Adults love it for the nostalgic appeal, and children for the thrills and glitz.

The bottom line? Please don't send curmudgeons to review the Circus anymore! Send Godfrey to the symphony, the La Jolla Playhouse, whatever--but his brand of jaded highbrow journalism is completely inappropriate when reviewing the antics of clowns, acrobats, poodles and the like.

SALLY WALL, University City

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