Increasing the Federal Deficit

While the Reagan-Bush White House was spending us into oblivion with a huge and mostly unnecessary military build-up, they were cutting taxes and creating a national debt that must be the eighth wonder of the world. During those "wonderfully prosperous 1980s" we continued to go into debt. Why couldn't they realize that during prosperous times you're supposed to save your resources, or at least pay off your old debts in anticipation of not so prosperous times that may lie ahead. Now we must prime the pumps; we must spend our way out of the mess we're in, no matter the enormity of the debt.

A recent Metropolitan Water District newsletter reminded us how the expenditure of hundreds of millions of Depression dollars for aqueducts and other water supply facilities brought a wealth to Southern California that was unsurpassed in the history of the world. During that same period the federal government spent what was necessary to create jobs, infrastructure and an educated population.

Let's use our heads again. If the current debt is nasty, the 7.8% unemployment rate is double nasty, and it's time to take our medicine. We can only hope that when the current political huzzahs are quieted down that our new leaders prove their leadership and bring us back, even if it is the hard way, because there is no easy way.

WM. R. LIVINGSTONE, Santa Barbara

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