BARCELONA ’92 OLYMPICS : DAILY REPORT : ARCHERY : South Korean Women Prevail; Spain Tops Men’s Competition

She walks through cemeteries to calm her nerves, and apparently her method works. Tuesday, a steady Cho Youn Jeong won her second gold medal of the Olympics, helping South Korea to the championship in women’s team archery.

South Korea beat China, 236-228, in the 27-shot final round. The Commonwealth of Independent States defeated France for the bronze, 240-222.

“I get very nervous and fearful about every competition so I take long walks at night through the cemetery,” Cho said. “It calms me down.”

Cho had won the individual gold medal on Sunday.


Spain won its first archery medal in the men’s team competition, defeating Finland, 238-236. Britain beat France, 233-231, for the bronze.

The Americans did not fare well in team competition. The U.S. women lost to France in the quarterfinals and the men, after getting off to a good start, lost to Finland in the second round.

“Other countries have learned how to shoot,” said Butch Johnson of Woodstock, N.Y. “Our country has stayed a little stagnant. It’s time to make a move.”



U.S. Team Has a Rough Ride as Netherlands Wins Gold

Thanks to a few sponsors, the Dutch have been able to keep their horses the last few years, rather than selling them off to other countries, such as the United States. Their gain became the Americans’ loss in team jumping, when the Netherlands committed only 12 faults in six rides and won the gold.

The U.S. team, which had won the team jumping gold medal at the 1984 Games and the silver in 1988, knocked down one rail too many and finished tied for fifth with Switzerland at 28.00 faults. Austria won the silver medal with 16.75 faults and France took the bronze with a 24.75 score, barely beating Spain’s 25.50.



Italians Get Point Across to Germans in Team Foil

In a fierce gold-medal final, the Italian women defeated the Germans, 9-6, in the team foil. Romania defeated the CIS in a close contest for the bronze. It ended with the teams even, at 8-8, and was decided on the total number of hits scored.

But the match for the gold was wild, characterized by bad tempers among several of the fencers and frequent protests by the coaches of Italy and Germany. For Italy, it was revenge--it had lost the gold to Germany in the 1988 Olympics.

Italy’s Dorina Vaccaroni hammered her foil several times and kicked her head guard along the floor in anger over the referee’s decision after she had lost to Zita-Eva Funkenhauser at a crucial moment, with the score 8-5, in favor of Italy.


German star Anya Fichtel-Mauritz, who had won the gold in both team and individual events in Seoul, could help her team win only a silver this time, even though she won the most grueling bout of the final against Francesca Bortolozzi in overtime.

The star of the Italian team was 22-year-old Diana Bianchedi, a tiny left-hander whose aggressiveness and speed gave all the German fencers trouble despite her comparative lack of match experience.


You Can Take It to the Bank: Denmark Tops U.S. in Soling


Sailing with his left knee in a brace, Jesper Bank of Denmark swept to a surprise victory at the regatta over Kevin Mahaney of the United States for the gold medal in the Soling class. The United States won the silver and Britain the bronze.

Bank defeated the favored Mahaney, 2-0, in the best-of-three match-race series involving the biggest boats in the regatta. Mahaney, of Bangor, Me., fell out of contention when he hit Bank’s boat seconds before the start of the second race and was forced to do a penalty turn.

Bank and his crew, sailing a 27-foot boat, quickly opened a 26-second lead and were runaway winners.

It was a big disappointment for Mahaney and his crew, Jim Brady of Annapolis, Md., and Doug Kern of Austin, Tex. They had led the fleet regatta and won the six-boat round-robin races that narrowed the field to four for the semifinals. They had been expected to win the gold. MEDALISTS ARCHERY (Men’s team) GOLD: Spain SILVER: Finland BRONZE: Britain (Women’s team) GOLD: South Korea SILVER: China BRONZE: CIS EQUESTRIAN (Team jumping) GOLD: Netherlands SILVER: Austria BRONZE: France FENCING (Women’s team foil) GOLD: Italy SILVER: Germany BRONZE: Romania YACHTING (Soling) GOLD: Denmark SILVER: United States BRONZE: Britain