‘Twin Peaks’ Pique: No Film Screening for L.A.

The Scene: A party Wednesday night for “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” director David Lynch’s theatrical prequel to his TV serial that was a cult hit a couple of years back. Although the gathering had the trappings of a premiere, there was no screening, which gave the event the feel of a swanky cast party. It was held at a new restaurant, McCormick & Schmick’s in downtown L.A., and co-sponsored by Movieline Magazine and radio station KROQ. (Related story, F1)

The Buzz: Although guests at the party were enthusiastic, it was, at the very least, unusual that New Line Cinema didn’t screen “Fire Walk With Me” for the crowd. (A premiere was held earlier this month in Snoqualmie, Wash., where it was filmed.) An L.A. screening might have gone a long way to combat tepid industry word of mouth about this movie. Then again, it may not have.

Who Was There: The film’s stars: Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook, Grace Zabriskie and Catherine Coulson, as well as actors Edward Furlong and Finola Hughes.

Dress Code: Young. Hip. Shiny. Tight. Unbuttoned. Vested. Moisturized. You get the idea.


Chow: Salmon, calamari, ceviche, crab cakes, and the food that made Twin Peaks famous: doughnuts, cherry pie and coffee.

Fans Being Fans: Sheryl Lee, who plays murdered teen-ager Laura Palmer, said Japanese fans held a funeral for her character. (The movie is an enormous hit in Japan.) “They built a corpse that looked like me and wrapped it in plastic,” she said. “Hundreds of people came to see it, bringing flowers and crying.”

Quoted: Dana Ashbrook, who plays Bobby Briggs, defended David Lynch’s dark visions, which have been called too violent by some. Said Ashbrook: “People take things so seriously. It doesn’t condone violence. It’s a cool movie. It’s very avant-garde. It’s not your totally predictable, totally pat movie like ‘Basic Instinct.’ ”

Triumphs: The new restaurant’s young and enthusiastic staff, who kept working hard even when the crowds and the logistics got difficult.


Exit Line: How quickly we forget our favorite fads in today’s accelerated culture. Referring to all the “Twin Peaks” trappings, one guest said: “Was it only a couple of years ago? It already feels like nostalgia.” (Just what we need to make us feel even older--'90s nostalgia.)