First Lady Barbara Bush

I listened to Barbara Bush give her relatively short speech at the convention (Aug. 20). She came across very well and at one point made me say to myself, the wrong person is the candidate. Hazel, my wife, was quick to note that she dealt in no character assassination or mudslinging. This restraint puts most of the other speakers to shame.

Another thing that came across very strongly was that the Bush family of 22 parents, children and grandchildren is a very close-knit group. In fact, it is an amazingly strong, intelligent and caring family. I was particularly impressed by the eldest grandson and the letter he read that his grandfather had sent to him.

George Bush Sr. is a great family man with a wonderful family. I respect him and the office he holds and no disrespect is intended when I say, it is too bad that the job is bigger than this man. Very few men are big enough for it including many of our past presidents.



La Habra