President Bush on Congress

President Bush is calling for the election of a Republican Congress because the last time Republicans controlled the House of Representatives was 38 years ago. It’s time for a change.

America got a change the last time it elected a Republican President (Eisenhower) along with a Republican Congress (the 82nd Congress). That right-wing, foamy-mouthed bunch bullied the country into a state of national paranoia while wrecking the lives of thousands of Americans they judged to be insufficiently patriotic. “McCarthyism” and “witch hunt” are the terms that best summarize that time.

Before the McCarthy era, the Republicans last controlled the presidency and Congress during the 1920s. Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, successive Republican presidents, governed with the cooperation of six Republican congresses in a row--the 66th through the 71st. When they were through, America awoke to the pain of the Great Depression.


Republican control of both the presidency and Congress has given us the greatest economic devastation and the most totalitarian political climate the nation has known in this century.

Today we have a Republican President poised to preside over a total economic collapse. His party is ready to wage a cultural war, led by Pat Buchanan. Why encourage these two by electing a Republican Congress?