SANTA ANA : Relatives of Suicide Victim Are Sought

The Orange County coroner's office is still searching for relatives of a teen-ager who killed himself Sept. 21.

Before leaping to his death from a 50-foot telephone pole in a back yard in the 2000 block of North Ross Street, the teen-ager identified himself as Julio Arjeta Portillo and told police he was 17 years old and had relatives in Santa Ana.

He was 5 feet 2, weighed 122 pounds, and had neatly groomed black hair, a mustache and brown eyes. He had scars on his chin and chest.

At the time of his death, he was wearing a white T-shirt with a picture of a sailboat and the caption "California," khaki pants, gray socks with red stripes and black high-top sneakers.

Anyone with information about him, his friends or his family should call the coroner's office at (714) 647-7410.

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