FULLERTON : City Workers Pay Respects to Manager

City employees trashed their boss's office Thursday in an unusual farewell celebration.

City Manager William C. Winter's office was strewn with toilet paper in a secret raid planned by workers in the city clerk's office, according to one high-placed plotter.

Workers in the Community Services Department and Winter's own office joined the caper, taking the innocent city manager to a retirement lunch while his office was festooned. As he surveyed the mess, Winter laughed and asked, "Does this mean you want me to leave or stay?"

"We want you to stay," said his secretary, Debbie Jacobsen-Ashworth.

"Well, this is the wrong way to do it," Winter said.

Winter has been city manager for 13 years and a city employee for 20. His last day of work is today.

James L. Armstrong, Anaheim's assistant city manager, has been appointed to take Winter's job.

Presumably, someone will clean up the office before Armstrong starts the job.

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