Guru Claims Sexual Gifts Via Thoughts


Faith healer Boris Zolotov has power over women. He claims a gift to induce mass orgasms by thought alone.

Independent witnesses say at least 30 women simultaneously appear to experience an ecstatic climax, solely at his suggestion.

Women travel from all over Russia to attend the burly Zolotov’s sexual healing seminars in provincial cities. They say he induces not just physical relief but a deep, psychic convulsion.


In Russia’s current try-anything liberal era after decades of Soviet puritanism, Zolotov’s reputation is spreading fast among women who feel curious or repressed about sex.

“Who wants an orgasm?” he bellows. Dozens of women scream back, “I do!” Then he struts forward to demonstrate his extraordinary telepathic powers.

The Russian press brands him a “sex maniac,” and the Russian Orthodox Church accuses him of breaking up marriages and associating with the devil.

Four hundred followers warm up for a session at a “pioneer” camp outside Zelenograd, near Moscow, where Russian children spend their summer holidays.

In a music room used for teen-age discos by members of the former Soviet Union’s Communist Youth League, a huge communal bed is covered in mattresses and blankets.

A sea of track-suited bodies writhes in unison to American soul music. The air is dense with the smell of sweat.


“No one analyzes what is going on. It’s all about intuition and spontaneity,” said Luda, a faith healer from St. Petersburg. “There’s no set program. Things just happen.”

Zolotov, a tall, chunky man with blond hair, is followed by a procession of women. He speaks. The room falls silent.

“Men are learning from me, man to man we pass on knowledge,” he said. “The main secret is to understand the fact that the role of men is to make women happy.

“Men must work on themselves so that women get excited about them and love them for their personal qualities. Then they’ll attract women like a magnet.”

As the music pulsates, everyone gathers in a large circle. One by one, women and men jump into the ring, flinging themselves about to the throbbing beat in a feverish ecstasy.

Zolotov, in jeans and shirt, strides about, waving his hand like a conductor and grimacing with concentration.

The music stops abruptly, leaving about 50 devotees lying in a heap, moaning. About 30 appear to have had a sexual climax.

Then Zolotov makes them “speak in tongues”--supposedly, French and Chinese. They scream hysterically and mutter gibberish.

Some followers say that after intensive work with Zolotov, they can communicate and induce orgasms in one other by telepathy. They say it beats ordinary sex with a partner.

“Some women have massive orgasms, they fall in love with him and project their fantasies onto him,” said one participant, Australian psychiatrist Adam Rosenblatt. “He releases their creative energy and some start to write poetry and draw.”

Zolotov, a married man with a family, hugs and kisses the women. He analyzes their poems and pictures, which are eventually displayed in an exhibition.

“Before I started the seminars, I rarely had orgasms,” said Anya Borisova, 25, who has been attending sessions for 18 months. “Now, they get stronger every time.”

Anya helps a man, Zhenya, 20, move into “a different dimension” by simulating an orgasm. She moans and pants furiously, sending his body into convulsions.

“This can cure women of frigidity and men of impotence,” she said.