Taking Stern Measures

In this news item "Broadcasters Divided Over Backing Howard Stern" (Calendar, Dec. 19), a radio company official says Howard Stern has an unusual gift of attracting a big audience. Gift indeed. I have listened to Mr. Stern and his radio bimbo(s) once: Broadcasting his personal impressions of his sperm count, his testicles, giggling over having sex in his studio with the microphone operating. . . . It was all so very uplifting. What a gift.

Well, I exercised my gift of freedom and changed stations. But I resent Mr. Stern's fouling of the airwaves. His lack of standards and his totally selfish attitude demean all that is good in our society. The FCC's fines well might have the feared "chilling" effect on the Sterns of the world. I certainly hope so.


Los Alamitos

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