Firefighters Thanked

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. And thanks to the Church Street firehouse of Simi Valley, we will have that blessed Christmas.

It was a miracle that Capt. Phil Hadley, Mike Sidlinger, John Tucker and Steve Matsuura happened to be in the immediate area of the Elephant Bar & Restaurant and saved my husband's life by using a defibrillator on Oct. 22.

We were having lunch and Verden was playing with his grandson, Christopher, when he was stricken. The employees of the restaurant called 911 and put him on the floor to make him more comfortable. A lady customer started CPR, but the firemen were there so quickly and they took over and started him breathing again.

How wonderful to hear those words: "He's breathing."

Verden had a quadruple bypass on Oct. 27 and is doing very well and is now in a rehabilitation program. Our sincere gratitude to the Church Street firehouse firefighters for saving our husband, dad and grandpa.





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