Have a Heart, Cher’s or Woody’s or Jay’s or . . .

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If your beloved can wait until after Valentine’s Day for a unique gift, Social Climes has found the ultimate L.A. valentine.

From now until Feb. 28, Geoffrey’s/Malibu restaurant is holding a sealed-bid auction of heart-themed drawings and scribbles from some 200 celebs and notables, with proceeds benefiting the American Heart Assn.

Stars and social consciousness: It’s a ‘90s concept.

This is the third year for “Art for Hearts’ Sake.” On display at the restaurant are creations by Jay Leno (a quick doodle of a heart with a face on it), Cher (a Vampira-ish woman crying heart-shaped tears), Joan Rivers (a rendering of her dog, Spike) and Disney’s Michael Eisner (a heart with Mickey Mouse ears).


Bids start at $50. For free entertainment, just try to analyze each illustration. Woody Allen’s contribution was a tiny heart centered in the middle of the paper, and former President Ronald Reagan drew a horse’s head, flanked by two hearts, and wrote “Happy Valentine (sic) Day.”

You figure it out.

Purple People?

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton going to do for the color purple what Nancy Reagan did for red? Maybe, says Ira Horn of Primarily Purple, a gift, apparel and accessories store in Ports O’ Call Village in San Pedro.

“We do expect to see an upsurge in purple,” says Horn. “If the economy was better, I think she would have a gigantic effect. Not only has Hillary worn the color, but so has Tipper Gore. Purple itself has been on the upswing for the last five years.”

When New Age Goes Pop

While Social Climes knows the definition of New Age music is loose at best--it can include everything from tortured yogic chanting to soothing spiritual Muzak--we now know what it evolves into.

An Aron’s Records employee was asked where the store filed music by Enya, the Irish singer whose name is usually preceded by the word ethereal . Her songs serve as background sound in half the coffeehouses in town. “She’s ‘New Age,’ ” he said, “but she sells, so we put her in ‘Pop.’ ” So if Schoenberg suddenly hits the charts, you can stop looking in “Classical.”