PLATFORM : Much Ado Over Ads

SIMONE CAMPBELL of Riverside commented on efforts by Sacramento to restrict lawyers’ ads and on the rising concern among some attorneys that such limits are needed. She told The Times:

I really don’t see why some uppity, turned-up-nose attorneys and politicians are so upset with those ads from lawyers who will defend anybody so that a poor soul can collect for his or her injuries.

As far as I can tell, the big complaint is that these ads give the profession a bad name. With so many attorneys in this world, what’s the problem with a few enterprising lawyers going a little further to drum up some business?

The dentists do it. So do the doctors who will help you get rid of that unsightly bulge. So what if some lawyers want to help someone get his money for a whiplash? So what if they’ll get that divorce you wanted for only $19.95?


What I see is a group of so-called professionals reacting to (a monster they created). There was a time when being an attorney was a noble profession. Something you wanted to be when you were in elementary school, a profession people respected.

Unfortunately, attorney ads are only the tip of the iceberg.