Blame a Closed System for Our Problems : Mayor’s race: Government must open up to the people. Our wasteful City Hall tells us only what bureaucrats want known.


We must open up all the doors of government to the people at all levels. No more closed meetings, no more closed doors. We, the people, own the government. We, the people, employ government to serve us. As owners, we have a right to see into every file, every room, every deal and behind every door we pay for.

As it is now, the wasteful government drags the people around by the nose, telling them only what they want to be known. The hands of the people are tied and the blindfold is on. It’s time to take off the blindfold and look at the government we pay for. The government has limited the information the public gets--limited the communication with the people that it serves. As mayor, I intend to change all that.

The same army of bureaucrats continues to need more and more money to hold down the citizens of Los Angeles as they line the pockets of their insider friends. The politicians of Los Angeles continue to blame everyone for the riots, yet it is the closed system they stand for that has caused this mess we are stuck in.


Our government is broken down, backward, plastic, corrupt and disconnected from the people at all levels. We must save our city from a government that is slow, top-heavy and out of control. This problem must be faced head-on by the slew of incumbents who make a lifetime’s work of giving zoning deals to friends, contracts to buddies and in general keeping the people out. Wasting money, time and creativity have become the watchwords of our disconnected City Hall.

As your mayor, I promise that I will open every door to government for the people and press that I can get my hands on. We need a government that gives the people a chance. A government that does its job. A government that helps and is open. A government that wants new ideas. A government that uses the talents of its citizens to create homes and jobs for all. A government with nothing to hide. A government of all the people, with liberty and justice for all.

The change must come. A free, open, functioning government must be in our future or we as a city will fall. The people only need a chance and a person who will say “ we can!

I say we can: We can rise from the ashes to build and save this great city. We, the people, can bring government down from its throne of power and into the hands of its owners, you . We have the talent, the creative minds, the action, the production, the teachers and the doers, the builders and makers--we have it all. Only our disconnected, closed, wasteful government holds us back.