Platform : The Trials of Day Care for the Nanny-Less : SHAH HUI HUANG / Homemaker and student, Rosemead

Compiled for The Times by Trin Yarborough

My daughter, Sherry, is 4, and she goes every morning from 8 a.m. to noon to Pace Head Start's Choi Hung School in Chinatown. Now that she is in school, I am able also to go to school. Each morning I attend an English as Second Language class. I plan to go to college, to become a teacher, to have a good job.

At home, Sherry is teaching her mommy English. She and her 6-year-old brother, Ken, often speak English to each other at home. At Choi Hung there are 90 children who speak Chinese, or Vietnamese, or Cambodian, or Thai, or Burmese, or even Spanish. So when they are at school they need to speak English to each other to communicate. I really like the program.

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