Closing Bases in California

I am outraged at The Times' publication of the Danziger cartoon depicting Sens. Boxer and Feinstein strong-arming Defense Secretary Les Aspin into lessening California base closures (Commentary, March 12).

The cartoon implies that their efforts to save California jobs is hypocritical to their campaign promises to cut defense spending.

On both issues, both senators have demonstrated admirable regard for their promises, their constituents and their nation. In defending Long Beach Naval Shipyard against closure, they've not only helped stem the evaporation of 4,100 jobs and some 800 subcontracting firms, but they've judiciously chosen to honor the shipyard's unique military value and unmatched record of productivity and cost-effectiveness. In today's realignment, those are the strongest arguments against closure of a government installation.

Perhaps the obviously employed Danziger should be more sensitive to the plight of California's legions of already unemployed and unemployed-to-be.


Long Beach

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