SAN FERNANDO : Transfer of Cable Franchise Rejected

Citing shortcomings in cable television service, the San Fernando City Council has withheld approval of the sale of the city's cable franchise.

The council Monday unanimously denied a request to transfer the franchise and assets from Valley Cable to West Valley Cablevision Industries. But the council encouraged Valley Cable to try to meet the city requirements and then resubmit the request.

Josefina Aguilar, an assistant to the city administrator, said a city-commissioned report found that Valley Cable has failed to comply with certain conditions of the existing franchise agreement, such as upgrading community programming facilities that allow public access to cable.

Valley Cable and Cablevision representatives warned that financing deadlines may end negotiations for the proposed sale. Valley Cable, in operation since 1983, serves 2,400 households in San Fernando.

The council declined to approve the transfer until further negotiations on the agreement are held.

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