VAN NUYS : Students Go North to Protest Cuts, Fees

About 350 students from community colleges throughout the Southland boarded buses at Valley College on Tuesday and headed to Sacramento to protest Gov. Pete Wilson's proposed 11.1% budget cuts and a $20-per-unit fee hike for undergraduate courses, a college spokeswoman said.

The students will meet up with other community college students from the state at 10 a.m. today and hold a rally on the Capitol steps to bring attention to their plight, Valley College public relations specialist Shannon Stack said.

If Wilson's plan is approved, students will see their fees raised from $10 per unit to $30 per unit next fall, while students who already have a bachelor's degree or higher will have to pay $112 per unit, instead of the $50 paid now.

The students are also protesting Wilson's proposed 11.1% cut in community college funding. Stack said that could amount to a $1.3-million cut for Valley College.

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