Monrovia : Bulletproof Vests Approved

Citing an increase in assaults on law enforcement officers, the City Council unanimously approved the purchase of bulletproof vests for Monrovia police officers and firefighters Tuesday.

In recent weeks, Police Chief Joseph Santoro said, officers in Arcadia, El Monte, Inglewood and Pomona have been shot at while on duty.

In the San Gabriel Valley, only Monrovia, Pasadena and Sierra Madre do not provide ballistic vests for their police officers, he said.

The council agreed to purchase 70 custom-tailored police vests, five standard vests for volunteer police chaplains and 24 safety vests specially designed for firefighters.

The cost will be close to $40,000 and the funds will come from narcotics asset forfeiture accounts and the Fire Department's equipment maintenance fund.

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