Not to Be Nosy, but . . .

Hilary de Vries' interview with Liam Neeson ("It Doesn't Hurt to Be a Hunk Too," March 7) makes me wonder, is she a New Yorker with an L.A. attitude, or were Neeson's remarks out of context?

He does seem to be unduly involved with noses. "I don't seem to have one of those cute noses that everyone seems to have in L.A." Or looking down his broken nose and pretentiously commenting, "That comes with my repertory theater background." Well la de da! When the bucks roll in, I'm sure his tune will change. "Bored, wary--a slight remove"--was this De Vries or Neeson?

If the latter, I'm finding him less and less digestible.

Perhaps I'll withhold my judgment until I see "Ethan Frome" and "Schindler's List." After all, I've a bit of the old sod in my genes--he may have been misquoted.


Los Angeles

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