Poppin' Off

March 14th's issue of Calendar provided some radical food for thought for us hard-core musical theater buffs. Patrick Pacheco's cover story on Julie Andrews was a revelation and a joy to read.

His adroit "take" on Broadway's once and future queen was an exceptionally canny one too. Like Streisand, Andrews is an original , and just a trifle enigmatic. An ageless, gutsy wonder of a woman, she's always spreadin' her wings, tryin' new things, to quote from a song she wrote for her Nashville collection. Now, at long last, La Andrews is returning to the New York stage. I'd kill for a ticket. Anyone who witnesses her recent recording session of "The King and I" with Ben Kingsley on PBS will attest to the fact that Julie can still enthrall and move people to "forget the tax man," as she put it.


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