Dornan and the Closing of the El Toro Base

Legislators' logic is sometimes more than one can comprehend ("Legislators Say O.C. Congressmen Surrendered Too Soon," March 18). For example: Bob Dornan's (R-Garden Grove) reason for not defending against the closing of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro is the safety of motorists driving on the Santa Ana and San Diego freeways. He thinks there is a danger that a military aircraft could crash on the highway. His suggestion--convert the air base into a commercial airport. Brilliant!

And why is Christopher Cox (R-Newport Beach) quiet on the issue? I'm sure that powerful forces in Newport Beach would be very upset with those who oppose the closure of the base at El Toro. These forces have long let it be known they want the base converted to a civilian airport, with flights moved away from over Newport Beach to be flown over someone else's city--like Irvine, Lake Forest, Tustin, Laguna Hills and Laguna Beach.

About 50 years ago we were caught with our defenses down, and only through the hard and fast work of our people did we manage to build an adequate defense and win a war. We will not be as fortunate the next time, and there will be (a next time). The war will come to us, and there will be no time to rebuild a fighting machine. I remember our pledge back then, never to be unprepared again. How soon we forget.


Laguna Hills

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