Koll Decision Gains Group's Support

The Bolsa Chica Alliance applauds the Koll Co.'s decision to move to the county for the approval of the Wetlands Restoration plan and their development ("Koll Turns to County for OK on Bolsa Chica," March 23). The county has both the experience and the broad outlook to undertake the processing of such a complex project.

This does not exclude the city of Huntington Beach, which will continue to be one of the responsible agencies under the California Environmental Quality Act. They will continue to review all the environmental and planning documents and fully participate in providing input throughout the process.

The county's Environmental Management Agency will be the lead agency. They are experienced and properly staffed to handle a project of this size, having completed restorations at Talbert Marsh, the Santa Ana River and Mason Regional Park.

As a further benefit to citizens, there will be no need to increase the agency staff size.

Any expenses related to the processing of the Bolsa Chica plan will be reimbursed by the landowner.

We are excited and feel this move will make the restoration of the wetlands and the linear park a reality for all of us to use and enjoy.


Huntington Beach

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