Valley Candidate Questions Coverage

As the only Valley candidate in the Fifth Council District, I have found your coverage of this race to be irresponsible.

The article on March 14 is a good example. In reading it, one had to wonder why Mike Rosenberg was seated between Laura Lake and Zev Yaroslavsky during their debate. A wide breadth of topics were discussed, but your writer heard a debate betwee Laura and Zev on one of the few subjects on which they agree, the Burbank/Chandler subway. Apparently my discussion of a true monorail over every freeway in Southern California, applauded loudly by the listeners, went over your reporter's head. He heard nothing about my call for an immediate repeal of the City Council's ordinance preventing LAPD cooperation with the INS and for the deportation of any illegal caught in the commission of a crime.

Your reporter must have missed it when I spoke of Zev not knowing where to find the waste, how I proposed to cut it, or my goals of using those cuts to pay for increased police protection and improvements to the infrastructure. Where was he when I said that duplication of functions must end, so that essential services can be provided?

I expressed my vision of a greater L.A.: of replacing our reactionary City Council with people dedicated to a plan for the future; safer streets and a positive business environment; moving ahead with a comprehensive mass transit system. These are the things I spoke about--I did not just stand there discussing "waste and inefficiency at City Hall" while they debated transit issues, as you clearly implied. This story was written before the first statement was made or question asked--before Zev even arrived, an hour late. It would be about two old rivals clashing. Why bother with the facts?

As you know, it is extremely difficult for an unknown to break into the political scene. All the more so, when going up against a well-financed incumbent. A responsible press has the ability to be the great equalizer on this uneven playing field. All I am looking for is a modicum of even-handedness. Listen to what is said as if you believe that we are living in a democracy where anyone can grow up to be city councilman. Don't make every article your endorsement of the incumbent. Express your views on the editorial page instead of treating them like they are news.


North Hollywood

Rosenberg is a candidate for City Council in the Fifth District of Los Angeles.

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